Saturday, November 1, 2008

Are You Going to Hire a Faculty Research Assistant This Year?

If you have a faculty research assistant (or are planning to hire one), I would suggest sending them this link to an article on "Should You Be a Faculty Research Assistant?"  The original article appeared in the ABA Student Lawyer Magazine, the magazine sent to all student members of the American Bar Association.

(Don't give them the article -- give them this link instead so that they can learn how to use SSRN for your own research projects.   They may need to register their email addresses if they haven't used SSRN before, but once they do they will know about an important and cost-effective research tool, which will be particularly helpful in locating scholarship not yet published in print.)
Click on the link, and click on "download this document."
The article discusses (1) why students should want to be faculty research assistants, (2) how to go about getting hired as a faculty research assistant, and (3) how to be a good faculty research assistant once hired.

If you are going to hire a research assistant, ask those who apply for the job to read the article and ask them for their thoughts on part 3 (how they can be a good research assistant).  You'll be able to separate those who want the job just for a line on their resume from those who will actually help you out on your research projects.

Mark Wojcik

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