Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Internship Opportunity to Preserve Cultural Property

Heritage Watch is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the world's cultural legacy. Heritage Watch has been working since 2003 to raise awareness of looting and research the illicit trade in antiquities. While founded and still based in the small Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia, Heritage Watch is now a thriving organization with a high global profile. It has witnessed firsthand how global efforts to protect cultural heritage are hampered by the lack of a single reference that those working in heritage preservation can turn to for comprehensive and current legal information. Heritage Watch is filling this conspicuous gap with the creation of DHARMA - the Database of Historical and Archaeological Regulations for the Management of Antiquities. For the first time, lawyers, archaeologists, law enforcement officers, government officials, and collectors will have easy access to current national and international legislation affecting the management of heritage resources.

Through its internship program, HeritageWatch is giving undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to become involved in this exciting project. For either academic credit or on a volunteer basis, interns will research and analyze municipal and international legislation affecting cultural heritage in Southeast Asia.  Due to the project's large scope - both legally and geographically - there is much room for accommodating individual research interests. Furthermore, interns have the choice of working remotely or on-site at one of HeritageWatch's offices in Singapore or Cambodia.  In addition to making a valid contribution to an important global effort, interns will also benefit from their work by:

* developing a pragmatic understanding of numerous foreign legal systems and public international law
* becoming competent in international legal research, using both print and electronic resources
* learning standard international legal citation
* gaining hands-on experience in cultural property law, a fast growing legal field of increasing importance.

For more information, contact the Project Director, Terressa Davis, at tess@heritagewatch.org or go to



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