Friday, August 15, 2008

International Law Event for NYU Alumni

The New York University School of Law Office of Development and Alumni Relations will host the Inaugural Lloyd C. Nelson Professorship of International Law Lecture, to be presented by Robert Lloyd Howse, Lloyd C. Nelson Professor of International Law.

He will speak on the topic “Man of Peace: Rehearing the Case Against Leo Strauss,” on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in Vanderbilt Hall. Here's the description:

Prominent journalists and academics have identified German-Jewish emigre philosopher Leo Strauss as the intellectual inspiration for the Bush Administration's war in Iraq. Strauss, who revived in modern times the themes and questions of classical and medieval Jewish and Islamic political thought, is accused of teaching an elitist, imperialist warrior morality. Based on a close reading of Strauss's own writings, this lecture will show that Strauss was a man of peace, valuing gentleness and restraint over courage and imperial ambition, preferring pluralist constitutionalism to dictatorship and oligarchy.

The lecture will particularly focus on the high value Strauss placed on international law-written and customary-as a constraint on inhumanity in war and as a support for trust and peace; this emphasis on law is perhaps the most remarkable feature of Strauss's book length study of the Greek historian Thucydides.

Contact the NYU alumni office if you're interested in attending.  Click here.

(mew, an NYU grad)

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