Wednesday, July 23, 2008

International Human Rights Summer Studies Program in Lithuania

Greg_and_cindy_3 LithuaniaProfessors Gregory S. Gordon (North Dakota) and Cindy G. Buys (Southern Illinois University) are both participating in an international human rights law summer study program in Vilnius Lithuana entitled: "Bringing Human Rights Home."  The students in the program are equally divided among Americans, Lithuanians and Belarussian students.  The Belarussian students study are studying in Lithuania because their university, the European Humanities University, was banned in Belarus.  Belarus Lithuania is still exploring and struggling to come to terms with its recent history of occupation by Germany and Russia and atrocities that were committed during that time.  The KGB's practices of arresting, interrogating, torturing, and executing persons who resisted Russian rule in Lithuania are documented at the KGB Museum in Vilnius.  Lithuania has yet to fully explore and document the loss of 95% of its Jewish population during World War II.   


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