Saturday, July 12, 2008

Call for Papers - AALS Section on Employment Discrimination

Aalslogo Here's a call for papers from another AALS section.  We include such calls here because we believe that international law (and here, international employment law) and comparative law approaches informed by laws of other nations can be an interesting and useful addition to these panels.

Employment discrimination is in an ongoing state of controversy and flux.  The Supreme Court has handled nearly two dozen cases on employment discrimination in recent years, issuing major decisions (for example) disallowing excessive pretrial dismissals of discrimination cases, tightening limitations periods for such cases, and narrowing the definition of who is "disabled" enough for coverage by discrimination laws.  Congress, in turn, repeatedly considers legislative "fixes" to legislatively repeal Court decisions narrowly interpreting statutory protections and to expand discrimination law coverage (e.g., a federal gay rights law which it has not yet passed, more coverage for religious discrimination).  Scholars have critiqued numerous aspects of employment discrimination law, such as the role of litigation and the capacity for law to effect social change.

The AALS Section on Employment Discrimination is organizing a panel to answer the questions, "what are the most "broken" aspects of discrimination law -- and how should they be fixed?"  The Section is choosing panelists by a call for papers on any topics relevant to improving employment discrimination law, doctrine, or theory.
Submitted papers may be between 5,000 and 35,000 words and may address any aspect of law relevant to improving employment discrimination law, doctrine, or theory.  Submitted papers must not be previously published but may be pieces submitted for publication on or after June 1, 2008. The papers chosen for inclusion in the panel will have the option (but are not required) of publication in the Employee Rights and Employment Policy Journal. 
Submissions will be due by email to Scott Moss by August 31, 2008.  The panel will be held at the AALS annual meeting in San Diego, on January 9, 2009 from 10:30 am to 12:15 pm.



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