Wednesday, June 18, 2008

International Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

The International Legal Resource Center announced the completion of its 2007 Annual Report.  Special features include:

        v    Message from the Chair of the ABA Section of International Law, Jeffrey Golden, pg. 5

v    2007 Project Overviews, pg. 12-15

v    2000-2006 Past Project Overviews, pg. 16-23

v    2007 Project Highlights, pg.  26-28

v    Legal Expert Profile, Alexandre Richelieu, pg. 29

v    Legal Research Associate Profile, Kristin Cleary pg. 30

v    Contact with Field, Andreea Vesa, pg. 31

v    Views from the UNDP offices in Moldova, Serbia, and Afghanistan pg.  32-34

v    Voices of Volunteers who worked at UNDP offices in Moldova and Viet Nam, pg. 35-36

v    Staff Reflection, Jacqueline Gichinga pg. 39

The 2007 Annual Report can be viewed by clicking here.



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