Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fellowship: International Environmental Law and Policy

The Center for Ocean Solutions (“Ocean Solutions”) has announced an Early Career Fellowship program. Ocean Solutions is seeking one or more recent graduates who have received a JD, MBA, or PhD in the natural, physical or social sciences in the last five years, and who have completed substantial course work or gained experience in ocean or coastal science, law, or policy to collaborate with researchers and experts on one or more interdisciplinary projects focused on elevating the impact of the social, physical and natural sciences on ocean policy.

Ocean Solutions is a collaboration between Stanford University – including researchers at Hopkins Marine Station and the main campus – the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute to develop practical and sustainable strategies that address the major environmental and economic challenges facing the oceans by bringing leading experts in marine science and policy together with decision makers. In addition to helping implement better policies, Ocean Solutions is working to develop current and future leaders who understand the value of interdisciplinary problem solving.

This fellowship program is designed to draw on and enhance the academic and professional skills of early career professionals and researchers by placing them in interdisciplinary collaborations focused on identifying, developing, and implementing enduring solutions to the greatest challenges facing earth’s oceans.

Applications for this fellowship will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting July 15, 2008. For application information, please visit

Hat tips to Wil Burns and to Meg Caldwell, Interim Director, Center for Ocean Solutions


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