Monday, October 29, 2012

Call for Exams and Syllabi

At the last Immigration Law Teachers Workshop at Hofstra Law School, a number of professors noted that it would be helpful to have access to immigration law syllabi and exams.  Although there are syllabi and old exams posted to the Immigration Law Professors Blog (he, those resources need to be updated and expanded.

With the end of the semester and exams fast approaching (!), we wanted to go ahead and get the ball started. Also, a number of you may be teaching Immigration Law and/or other related courses next semester and may be thinking about your syllabus. 

Thus, we ask that those of you who are willing to share your exams and syllabi to please send them to either Rose Cuison Villazor at or David Thronson at These resources will be placed in an “Exam Bank” and “Syllabus Bank” that will be a password-protected site (to be housed at the University of California at Davis School of Law). (Later, we will send information about how to get the password for the site).

In order to further protect these resources, particularly the exams, we will require that those who want to access these resources agree that they will only use the resources for their own benefit (to prepare their exams, to prepare their syllabus for their own classes) and, importantly, to not disseminate them to their students or otherwise make them publicly available. 

We would appreciate receiving either exams or syllabi or both by November 9 (two weeks) at 5 PM EST so that we would have enough time to organize, upload and share them with those who need them.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact either of us.

Thank you.

David Thronson and Rose Cuison Villazor


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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Law School Immigration Course Syllabus-Palmer

Undergraduate Immigration Course Syllabus--ASU

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wayne Law Syllabus

Magner Undergrad Immigration Northwestern

Magner Georgetown Law School

Undergrad Immigration Course Prof. Law

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cornell Professor Yale-Loehr Immigration and Refugee Law Fall 2010 Syllabus

Professor Yale-Loehr Imigration and Refugee Law syllabus is now available.  To download a copy click on Download Law 7311 syllabus 12-2-10

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UofA Professor Lynn Marcus Immigration Clinic Syllabus Now Posted

UofA Professor Marcus Immigration Clinic Syllabus Fall 2010 now posted.  To download click on Download Marcus clinic syllabus fall 2010

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UCLA- Hiroshi Motomura Syllabi now available

Professor Hiroshi Motomura Immigration Law Syllabus has been added to the syllabus bank.  To get a copy click on Download MotomuraImmRightsSyllabusSpring2009CompositeWithCorrections.

Professor Hiroshi Immigrat Rights Syllabus has been added to the syllabus bank.  To get a copy click on Download ImmRightsSylPt1Spr2011

Professor Hiroshi Immigrat Rights Syllabus #2 has been added to the syllabus bank.  To get a copy click on Download MotomuraImmRightsSyllabusSpring2009CompositeWithCorrections


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Immigration Law Syllabus Bank

Below are some syllabi for immigration-related courses.  First are courses in Immigration Law or Immigration Law and Policy; second are courses on Refugee Law and Policy (and forced migration); third are more specialized immigration courses; and finally there is a link to an older database of syllabi (2002).

If you have a syllabus you'd like to share, please feel free to contact us.

I.  Immigration Law and Policy Courses:

Recently offered immigration courses:

Download MotomuraImmigrationCitizenshipSyllabusCompositeSpr2006.pdf  (a composite PDF document that gathers together the four installments of Prof. Motomura's syllabus)

Download Yale-Loehr.2006.syllabus.doc  (Immigration and Refugee Law)

Download lawrence.Emp&Fam.3units.doc

Download Legomsky.3unit.ImmLaw.doc

Download Yale-Loehr.Cornell.coursedescrip.rtf Download Yale-Loehr.Cornell.syllabus.doc

Download Caplow.Brooklyn.3units.wpd

Download andySchoenholtzImmigrationAndPolicy.doc

Download Benitez.GW.3units.wpd

Download fernandoChangImmigAndPolicy.doc

Download Rose.Vanderbilt.syllabus.doc

Download SylbankJuly2002.doc

II.  Refugee Law & Policy:

Download gallagher.UniversitatJuame.ref&forced.migration.doc

Download Ramji.Schoenholtz.Georgetown.2units.doc

III. Specialty courses

Download ImRightsSylPt1F05.pdf (conveys the structure and approach of Motomura's "Immigrants Civil/Political Rights Seminar."  Actual readings are chosen by students (to relate to their papers) as the seminar proceeds.)

Download cox.Removal&Relief.pdf

IV.  2002 Syllabus bank (with table of contents at the beginning of the document):
Download SylbankJuly2002.doc

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