Saturday, September 21, 2013

What About Immigration Reform, Senator McCain? McCain Criticizes LA Dodgers for Using Arizona Pool


"Poolgate" reached Washington D.C. yesterday  when U.S. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) voiced strong displeasure with the Los Angeles Dodgers' celebration of their MLB National League West title.

After the Dodgers clinched the division with Thursday's 7-6 win against the Arizona Diamondbacks, roughly half the team celebrated by jumping into the pool behind the right-center field wall at Chase Field.

Here is what John McCain tweeted:

John McCain ✔ @SenJohnMcCainNo-class act by a bunch of overpaid, immature, arrogant, spoiled brats! "The #Dodgers are idiots"


There is no word about what Senator McCain's 2008 Vice Presidential running-mate Sarah Palin had to say about the Dodgers' exploits. Rumor has it that Palin is a fan of the Peninsula Oilers in the Alaska Baseball League.



The "Celebration"



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Monday, September 16, 2013

Immigration Reform Through Ice Cream? ‘Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate’ Is Here

Romo ice cream
Photo Courtesy of ColorLines

I hope to make it up to San Francisco Giant fans put off by my post about the Ninth Circuit's affirmance of slugger Barry Bond's obstruction of justice conviction.  Who could not like a story about ice cream?

 Sergio romo

Sports Grid reports that Sergio Romo’s "Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream" (it only tastes illegal) will soon be available. The Giants closer is promoting the ice cream and all proceeds go to help enact immigration reform.    A supporter of immigration reform, Romo wore "I Just Look Illegal" t-shirt at a victory parade after his Giants won the 2012 World Series.


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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Say It Ain't So Joe: Fallen Baseball Star Barry Bonds' Obstruction Conviction Affirmed


As baseball season comes to a close, it is worth mentioning a recent legal development touching on a contiuing problem in America's pasttime.  Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals  for the Ninth Circuit, in an opinion written by Judge Mary Schroeder (and joined by Judges Michael Daly Hawkins and Mary Murguia), affirmed former Major League Baseball star Barry Bonds' obstruction of justice conviction for an evasive response to a question before a grand jury investigating the use of performance enhancing substances in baseball.

Speaking in terms that a baseball fan can well understand, Judge Schroeder begins the opinion:

"Barry Bonds was a celebrity child who grew up in baseball locker rooms as he watched his father Bobby Bonds and his godfather, the legendary Willie Mays, compete in the Major Leagues. Barry Bonds was a phenomenal baseball player in his own right. Early in his career he won MVP awards and played in multiple All-Star games. Toward the end of his career, playing for the San F rancisco Giants, his appearance showed strong indications of the use of steroids, some of which could have been administered by his trainer, Greg Anderson. Bonds’s weight and hat size increased, along with the batting power that transformed him into one of the most feared hitters ever to play the game. From the late-1990s throug h the early-2000s, steroid use in baseball fueled an unprecedented expl osion in offense, leading some commentators to refer to the period as the `Steroid Era.'"


The suspension of a group of players, including stars such as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, earlier this summer shows that MLB has much to do to clean up the game.



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Monday, September 2, 2013

Immigrant of the Day: Rod Carew (Panama)


Rod Carew was born on October 1, 1945, while his mother was on a train in Gatún (then in the Panama Canal Zone, the former U.S. territory), Panama. In 1962, Carew moved to New York City with his mother. Two years later, he was playing in the minor leagues, and in 1967, for the Minnesota Twins. An incredible left-handed batter, the California Angels grabbed Carew in 1979. After retiring from the major leagues, Carew served as a coach. He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991.




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Monday, July 15, 2013

Immigrant of the Day: Luc Mbah a Moute (Cameroon)


National Basketball Association player Luc Mbah a Moute was born in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Raised in Yaoundé, a metropolitan city, Luc and his family had close ties to the village of Bafia, where his father was a chieftain, and by extension, Luc was a prince. Growing up in Cameroon, Luc – like most boys in his country – played soccer, but as a teenager, he took up basketball.

Mbah a Mouté played college basketball for UCLA and led the Pac-10 Champion Bruins in rebounding as a freshman. He scored the winning layup at the end of a comeback win over Gonzaga in the Sweet 16. Mbah a Mouté also posted 17 points, 9 rebounds, 2 steals, and 1 assist in a Final Four victory over LSU. He became something of a cult phenomenon among the UCLA faithful. Along with fellow Cameroonian Alfred Aboya, the dynamic duo sparked the "Cameroon Crazies" (a take-off of Duke's "Cameron Crazies" fans) section, along with an enormously popular t-shirt which read "Moute Kicks Boute."    During the 2008 season, his team had a record of 35–4 and won their third-straight Pac-10 title and third-straight NCAA Final Four.

Mbah a Moute became the first player to start in three straight Final Fours at UCLA in thirty-four years. Bill Walton, Jamaal Wilkes, and Greg Lee (1972–74) were the last players at UCLA to do so.

Mbah a Moute was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the 2008 NBA draft.  He got off to a quick start with the Milwaukee Bucks and became a fan favorite. On July 12, 2013, Mbah a Moute was traded to the Sacramento Kings.





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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

For Pro Wrestling (Lucha Libre) Fans: Border Patrol Body Slam

The Blue Demon, defender of the rights of immigrants, slams a Border Patrol officer to the mat in thr squared circle.  The New York Times reports so its okay to check this story out.




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Monday, July 1, 2013

Cuban Immigrant Has Off the Charts Month for the Dodger Blue



The L.A. Times reports on Yasiel Puig, who just completed his first month in the big leagues with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Puig had four hits, including his first triple, and the Dodgers beat the Phildelphia Phillies for the team's eighth win in nine games to pull to within four games of NL West lead. Puig will stay in the majors after 44 hits in June. The only player with more: baseball great Joe DiMaggio, with 48, in May 1936.


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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Immigrant of the Day: Anthony Bennett (Canada)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Immigrant of the Day: Manu Ginoboli (Argentina)


Born in Argentina, Manu Giobili plays for the San Antonio Spurs professinal basketball team.  He is of Italian descent and a member of the Argentine men's national basketball team. Hailed as one of the finest European-based players to grace the NBA, he plays a high-tempo and intense game. He is one of only two players to have won a Euroleague title, an NBA championship, and an Olympic gold medal.

Ginóbili spent the early part of his basketball career in Argentina and Italy, where he won several individual and team honors. Selected as the 57th overall pick in the 1999 NBA Draft, the shooting guard is considered one of the biggest draft steals of all time.

Ginóbili joined the Spurs in 2002, and soon became a key player for the team. He has earned three NBA championship rings and was named an All-Star in 2005 and 2011. In the 2007–08 season, he was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year.

Ginóbili has also enjoyed success with the Argentina national team. He made his debut in 1998, and helped win the gold medal during the 2004 Olympics Basketball Tournament.

In 2012–13, the Spurs advanced to the NBA Finals, but lost to the Miami Heat in seven games. It was a tough series for Ginoboli.





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Thursday, June 20, 2013

New LA Dodger Star from Cuba



It is baaseball season and time for an immigration story on the ImmigrationProf blog.  And here is one from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Besides bringing up Jackie Robinson to the big leagues, the Dodgers have broken many other barriers.  The Dodgers Chan Ho Park became the first Korean to excel in the Major Leagues. Hideo Nomo remains the most successful Japanese pitcher to perform on the big stage. Fernando Valenzuela brought Mexico to the sport in ways that had been unimagined.

The remarkable legacy continues for the Dodgers. Now gracing the Dodgers' lineup is the breathtaking Yasiel Puig, the Cuban outfielder who was brought up earlier this month and already has made the ESPN highlight reel.

Puig defected from Cuba in 2012, and signed a seven year, $42 million contract with the Dodgers.


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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immigrant of the Day: Anna Kournikova (Russia)



Born in Moscow, Anna Kournikova is a retired professional tennis player. Her beauty and celebrity status made her one of the best known tennis stars worldwide. Although reaching No. 8 in the world in 2000, she never won professional singles title. Kournikova achieved greater success playing doubles, where she had at times been the World No. 1 player. With Martina Hingis as her partner, she won Grand Slam titles in Australia in 1999 and 2002.

Kournikova's professional tennis career ended prematurely at the age of 21 due to serious back and spinal problems. She lives in Miami Beach, Florida, and plays in occasional exhibitions and in doubles for the St. Louis Aces of World Team Tennis. She was a new trainer for season 12 of the television show The Biggest Loser, replacing Jillian Michaels, but did not return for season 13. 

Here is Kournikova's official website.


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Monday, June 17, 2013

Undocumented Immigrant of the Day: Leo Manzano (Mexico)



Last summer, Mexican-born American runner Leo Manzano won a silver medal in the men’s 1,500-meter final, running the fastest time ever by a U.S. athlete at the Olympic Games. Manzano entered the U.S. at age 4 without papers. He did not gain legal residency until 10 years later.

Born in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato Mexico, Manzano moved with family to Texas at age four. He was raised in Granite Shoals, Texas, and excelled at Marble Falls High School, where he won a total of nine Texas 4A state championships in track and cross country.

In the 1500 m Final at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Manzano unleashed his signature kick to claim the silver medal. Manzano is the first American to medal in the 1500 m since Jim Ryun won silver in Mexico City 1968 breaking a 44 year drought for the U.S. men's middle distance running.


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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boxer Advocates Immigration Reform Now

Photo Courtesy of Eastside Boxing

Professional boxer Alfredo "El Perro" Angulo fought last night with trunks that proclaimed "Immigration Reform Now."  Last year, Angulo spent months in immigration detention in El Centro, California last year.  Angulo knocked down Erislandy Lara twice but suffered a serious injury and lost by technical knockout.


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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

San Francisco Giants Pitcher Sergio Romo Endorses The Dream is Now Campaign



World Champion San Francisco Giants pitcher Sergio Romo announced his support for The Dream is Now campaign today in a youtube video that has been posted to The Dream is Now Campaign is an effort of concerned citizens who believe America’s broken immigration system needs to be fixed, giving undocumented youth and their families the chance to earn their citizenship.

Romo, a first generation Mexican-America whose parents were born in Mexico, says in the video, “Today I am standing proud with the Dream is Now campaign because I strongly believe that there should be a pathway for the approximately 2 million undocumented students to earn their United States citizenship so that they can lead a productive life and give back to the only country they know as home. They deserve a chance to live their dream and we will all win if they do. 

The Dream is Now recently released a 30-minute documentary by Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim (“Inconvenient Truth” and “Waiting for Superman”) that shares the stories of undocumented youth and their families who are desperate to earn their citizenship in the only country they've ever called home, the United States of America. The 30-minute film, which has been screened hundreds of times on college campuses and at community gatherings, was created to keep the focus on Congress to pass immigration reform. To view the trailer, click here.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Private Prison/Immigrant Detention Giant Name Florida Atlantic Football Stadium


The N.Y. Times reported yesterday on a very interesting development in sports philanthrophy.   Florida Atlantic University, in Boca Raton, has renamed its football stadium after the GEO Group for a $6 million gift. GEO Group is a private prison corporation.  One critic compared the naming to "calling something Blackwater Stadium. This is a company whose record is marred by human rights abuses, by lawsuits, by unnecessary deaths of people in their custody and a whole series of incidents that really draw into question their ability to successfully manage a prison facility.”

Accoring to the Times, GEO Group's "income is generated mostly from state and federal prisons and detention centers for illegal immigrants. The company owns or runs more than 100 properties that operate more than 73,000 beds in sites across the world. . . .  The company has been opposed by civil liberty and human rights groups and immigrant rights organizations. It has been cited by state and federal regulators and lost a series of high-profile lawsuits."


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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cal Hoopster Bak Bak Lives the Dream


ImmigrationProf previously profiled Cal basketball player Bak Bak, a refugee from the Sudan. A reserve forward on the red hot Cal Bear basketball team (with victories over Oregon, Arizona, and UCLA in the last two weeks), Bak has an amazing immigrant story.  He talks to his mother every night on the telephone and hopes to bring his younger brother and sister to the United States to care for them.  Bak was attracted to Cal because of its many international students.


Bak did not play but Cal beat UCLA last night.



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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 10 Immigration News Stories of 2012

Each year, ImmigrationProf lists its top 10 immigration stories of the year. Below are the top stories for 2012, many of which are directly related to the Top 10 Stories for 2011.

1. Reelection of President Obama and the Return of Comprehensive Immigration Reform


With overwhelming support from Latino voters, President Barack Obama was reelected as President of the United States.  After the election, Republicans in Congress expressed greater willingness to consider enactment of comprehensive immigration reform, and the possibility of reform in the next Congress appears to be a distinct possibility

There were also some interesting footnotes to the Presidential campaign, including Bruce Springsteen campaigning for the President in the days leading up to the election and a DREAMER addressing the Democratic National Convention.


2. Arizona v. United States

In its biggest immigration decision in many years, the Supreme Court in June in Arizona v. United States invalidated three of four provisions of Arizona’s S.B. 1070 on federal preemption grounds. The Court, however, upheld Section 2(B), perhaps the most controversial provision, which requires police to verify the immigration status of any person who the officers have “reasonable suspicion” of being in the country unlawfully.

Also in 2012, lower federal courts invalidated significant portions of the immigration enforcement laws of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. The number of pieces of state immigration legislation has been dropping.

The Supreme Court decided a number of other immigration cases in 2011-12, applying ordinary rules of statutory construction and agency deference with the immigrant winning in a number of the cases.


3. Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals Announced by the Obama administration

in June, the Obama administration made the blockbuster announcement that it would create the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which would allow for deferred action and temporary work authorization for eligible undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as minors.  It was one of the big immigration news items – and to many surprises – of 2012.

The continued pressure of the DREAMers on the administration should be given at least some credit for the new program.  The DREAMers continued their political activism and organized a “No Papers, No Fear” bus trip to the Democratic National Convention.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

DACA also created new controversies. While California decided to allow DACA recipients to be eligible for driver’s licenses, Governor Jan Brewer and Arizona quickly made it clear that Arizona would not issue licenses to DACA recipients.


4. Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Remains Embroiled in Controversy -- and Wins Relection


America’s Toughest Sheriff, Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio remained in the news in 2012. Standing trial this summer for alleged civil rights violations of immigrants and Latinos, Arpaio testified in his defense.

After an investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice concluded that Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office engaged in widespread violations of the civil rights of immigrants and Latinos.

Although it is not sure why the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office has jurisdiction over anything to do with the birther controversy, Sheriff Arpaio also made the news when his office investigated and finding that there just might be something to the claims of the birthers that President Obama is not a natural born U.S. citizen. 

Despite all the controversy, voters relected Sheriff Arpaio in November.


5. Mass Murder in Wisconsin In Wisconsin

In August, a gunman killed six people in on a shooting spree at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek.  


6. Apologies for Past Immigration Wrongs

2012 was a year of immigration apologies.  The U.S. of Representatives adopted a resolution (H. Res. 683, 112th Cong. (2012)) apologizing for the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which barred the admission to the U.S. of nearly all Chinese until 1943. The House sponsor was Judy Chu (D.-CA.), the first Chinese-American Congresswoman. The House’s 18 resolution follows the adoption of a companion resolution in the Senate in October 2011.

Some 80 years ago, tens of thousands of Mexicans and Mexican Americans living in L.A. County were forced aboard trains and taken to Mexico. In February 2012, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors formally -- and finally -- apologized.


7. 30th Anniversary of Plyler v. Doe

June 15, 2012 was the 30th anniversary of the Supreme Court's pathbreaking decision in Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S. 202 (1982), which protects the rights of undocumented students to a public elementary and secondary school education.


8. The California Supreme Court Considers the Admission of Undocumented Immigrant to Practice Law

Born in Mexico, Sergio Garcia was first brought to the United States by his parents when he was 17 months old. After graduating from California State University, Chico in rural California, Garcia attended California Northern Law School, an unaccredited law school, and subsequently passed the California bar examination. He disclosed his immigration status in his bar application and, after an interview, satisfied the California State Bar that he possessed the “good moral character” necessary for the practice of law. After receiving the California State Bar’s recommendation of Garcia's admission, the California Supreme Court issued an order to show cause on why the motion for the admission of Sergio Garcia by the California bar should be granted. Briefs were filed in support of Garcia’s admission including by the California Attorney General, immigration law professors, bar associations, law school deans, and others; three briefs opposed the licensing of Garcia, one of them by the U.S. government. The U.S. government contended that 8 U.S.C. § 1621(c), which precludes the issuance of any professional license provided “by appropriated funds of a State or local government,” bars Garcia’s licensing as an attorney by the independent California state bar and California Supreme Court.

The California Supreme Court has yet to issue a decision in the case.


9. The Race for the Immigration Bottom in the Republican Presidential Primaries


In a Republican presidential debates in Arizona -- the Duel in the Desert, four Republican Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul, debated immigration.  There were no real surprises -- support for the border fence, agreement with Arizona's approach to immigration enforcement, criticism of the Obama administration, etc.

The Republican debate in Florida was a bit toned down, likely because of the different Hispanic demographic there.

All in all, the tough talk on immigration in the Republican primaries, including by Mitt Romney, may well have contributed to the landslide of Latino support for President Obama and his relection.  See Item 1 above.


10. Immigrants Help Team USA in London Olympics


Team USA benefited from immigrants in the London Olympics.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

U.S. Citizen of the Day: NY Yankees Slugger Robinson Canó


Good news from the Big Apple!  NY Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano, a native of the Dominican Republic, has had a big week.  After winning the American League Silver Slugger award last week for being the top offensive player at his position for the third straight year, Cano also became a U.S. citizen.


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pro Boxer Released from U.S. Immigration Detention, Wins Impressive First Round KO in LA

After spending months of 2012 in U.S. immigration detention, professional boxer Alfredo "El Perro" Angulo returned to the ring in ferecious fashion with a first round knock out last night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Angulo had some undisclosed "immigration issues" (and here) that took some time to work out.



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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sergio Romo, SF World Series Champ, Declares: ‘I Just Look Illegal’


Here is a nice story from ColorLines about SF Giants closer Sergio Romo and his unique "I Just Look Illegal" t-shirt.

Photo courtesy of Latino Rebels

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