Jamail Shaw Sr. told how his son was shot in 2008 by a gang member from Mexico not legally in the country, there were some shouts of `Build the Wall.'

`The wall, build the wall,' Shaw said. `Only Trump mentions Americans killed by illegals. Trump will put America first. Not crooked Hillary.'

Those lines and other similar speeches brought raucous and rowdy cheers from the crowd at the convention on the night that the party had dedicated to the theme `Make America Safe Again.'

Woven into the tragic stories were romanticized vignettes of immigrants who `did it right' by Antonio Sabato Jr. and Melania Trump. Sabato, who attended Beverly Hills High School, argued that everyone should follow the same rules as he did, while Melania Trump, who married the billionaire GOP candidate for President, also argued that immigrants should follow the rules and assimilate as she did. Melania Trump called American citizenship a `great privilege'".

Border enforcement was featured prominently during the first day of the Convention.  The brother and sister of Brian Terry, the U.S. Border Patrol agent who died in a 2010 gun battle with a crew planning to rob smugglers of marijuana in the Arizona desert, appeared via video at the convention.  Guns found at the scene were traced to a federal gun-running sting operation known as “Fast and Furious.”  Kent Terry and Kelly Terry-Willis appeared in a video shot in Arizona, with a fence separating the U.S.-Mexico border serving as the backdrop.  “Only one candidate is serious about border security – that’s Donald Trump,” Kent Terry said. “He’ll give our heroic Border Patrol agents the resources and support needed to do our jobs. President Trump will make the Border Patrol secure again.”  

In another speech on the first day of the Convention, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani claimed that Donald Trump would secure the borders while Hillary Clinton was for "open borders."

Stay tuned as the Republican National Convention continues.