Thursday, December 7, 2017

Immigration Article of the Day: Thrive or Survive? Explaining Variation in Economic Outcomes for Refugees By Alexander Betts, Naohiko Omata, and Louise Bloom


Alexander Betts

Thrive or Survive? Explaining Variation in Economic Outcomes for Refugees by Alexander Betts (University of Oxford), Naohiko Omata (University of Oxford), and Louise Bloom (University of Oxford)

Despite a growing literature on the economic lives of refugees, much of that work has lacked theory or data. The work that has been quantitative has generally focused on the economic impact of refugees on host countries rather than explaining variation in economic outcomes for refugees. This paper seeks to explain variation in economic outcomes for refugees by asking three questions about the economic lives of refugees: 1) what makes the economic lives of refugees distinctive from other populations; 2) what explains variation in refugees’ income levels; and 3) what role does entrepreneurship play in shaping refugees’ economic outcomes? To answer these questions, the paper draws upon extensive qualitative and quantitative research conducted in Uganda. The quantitative data set is based on a survey of 2,213 refugees in three types of contexts: urban (Kampala), protracted camps (Nakivale and Kyangwali settlements), and emergency camps (Rwamwanja). The paper concludes that supporting refugees’ capacities rather than solely addressing their vulnerabilities offers an opportunity to rethink assistance in ways that are more sustainable for refugees, host states, and donors.

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