Thursday, December 7, 2017

Attorney General Sessions Issues Memo "Outlining Principles to Ensure That the Adjudication of Immigration Cases Serves the National Interest"


A press release from Attorney General Jeff Sessions on the immigration courts.

"Today, as part of a continued effort to return the rule of law to America’s immigration system in order to serve national interest, Attorney General Jeff Sessions released a memo to the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) renewing the Justice Department’s commitment to timely and efficient adjudication of immigration cases.  The memo expresses the Attorney General’s appreciation for the progress made since the beginning of the Trump Administration, encourages EOIR personnel to identify new efficiencies in their operations, and articulates five core principles that EOIR personnel should support and adhere to when adjudicating immigration cases.

The Justice Department’s commitment to the timely and efficient adjudication of immigration cases is the foundation of EOIR’s Caseload Reduction Plan—a series of common-sense reforms that aim to reduce the so-called “backlog” by realigning the agency towards completing cases, increasing both productivity and capacity, and changing policies that lead to inefficiencies and delay justice.  EOIR is also committed to hiring additional immigration judges—with 50 brought on board since January 20, and another 60 additional who will be hired in the next six months—which, when combined with new efficiencies in the system, will ensure that EOIR’s mission of fairly, expeditiously, and uniformly administering the immigration laws is fulfilled. 

EOIR released data on orders of removal, voluntary departures, and final decisions for the first 10 months of the Trump Administration."

It appears that the priority will be on the expeditious and final resolution of cases.


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