Thursday, October 12, 2017

From the Bookshelves: The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship


The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship

Edited by Ayelet Shachar, Rainer Baubock, Irene Bloemraad, and Maarten Vink

  • Brings together the latest normative and empirical debates synthesized by leading experts in the field
  • Revisits classic questions of citizenship and lays out cutting-edge contemporary approaches
  • Analyzes citizenship from multiple disciplinary perspectives

Contrary to predictions that it would become increasingly redundant in a globalizing world, citizenship is back with a vengeance. The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship brings together leading experts in law, philosophy, political science, economics, sociology, and geography to provide a multidisciplinary, comparative discussion of different dimensions of citizenship: as legal status and political membership; as rights and obligations; as identity and belonging; as civic virtues and practices of engagement; and as a discourse of political and social equality or responsibility for a common good.


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