Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tilting at Windmills and the Rule of Law


Michael Olivas on From the Square (NYU Press Blog) offers sage advice as we navigate these tumultuous times in the national debate over immigration:

"I urge tolerance toward your fellow students, faculty and staff members at this time. Opinions about the U.S. President’s policies will no doubt be mixed, but let’s respect each other and engage in meaningful discourse. We will not tolerate harassment or hateful dialogue at our institutions. Let us step back from events, to inform ourselves of the issues, and to act charitably to all who are our neighbors and community members. Everyone who is admitted into our college communities belongs there, and we must respond accordingly. We have many such resources, and dedicated people who are scrambling to assist. Coming full circle, I worked with a different group of law professors recently to suggest to the Trump Administration that DACA was lawful and proper, and urged them not to end it. Our advice was not heeded, but our advocacy will be successful, because as acccommodationists, not restrictionists, we are on the right side of this issue and its history."


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