Monday, September 11, 2017

Thoroughly Unsurprising Immigration Survey Data

The Worker by Christopher Raff

"Four in five people who voted leave in the EU referendum would accept migration of high-skilled workers from the bloc to increase or stay the same... though both remain and leave supporters back a reduction of low-skilled workers," The Guardian reports.

Want more? Here you go: "The poll found wide support from both leave and remain voters for a new immigration policy which would put a cap on the number of low-skilled migrants arriving but ease the path for specialist workers."

Huh. So skilled workers are desired and low-skilled workers are not? Color me thoroughly unsurprised.

In the US, politicians routinely discuss immigration in terms of desirable vs. undesirable migrants. (Check out Masha Gessen's recent NYT opinion piece challenging this divide.)

Let's see how those UK voters feel about low-skilled labor if the projected shortage of workers in the UK food industry comes to pass. The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has projected that difficulties with recruiting sufficient labor to harvest and process UK produce "is in danger of becoming a crisis."


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