Friday, September 8, 2017

Billionaires Can Seek Asylum Too

Photo via South China Morning Post

The story of Guo Wengui makes for a great in-class real-o-thetical on asylum. With so much news coverage of indigent asylum seekers around the globe, Guo's bid for asylum in the US is stands out. That's because he's a billionaire.

Guo's claim is grounded in political persecution. As the BBC reports, Guo says that he is "perceived as a political opponent of the Chinese regime."

Guo certainly has been outspoken. On youtube and twitter, Guo has made allegations that top members of the ruling Chinese Communist Party are guilty of corruption. (You could show his tweets or play one of his youtube videos for your class.)

Guo is currently in the US on a tourist visa, awaiting a decision on his asylum petition.

One wrinkle of interest in his case - Guo reportedly holds passports to a total of 11 countries (presumably 10 of which aren't China). Even more fodder for classroom discussion!


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