Saturday, July 1, 2017

With Congress Unable to Pass Health Care Reform, U.S. House of Representatives Passes Two Strict Immigration Bills, Supported by President


I almost did not report on this story given that the bills' prospects in the Senate seem unlikely.  Still, it seems noteworthy that Congress seeks to appear to crack down on immigration at a time when the Republican leadership has been unable to pass legislation that would dismantle Obamacare, a central Republican legislative goal (as well as one of President Trump's).  Put differently, the Republican leadership is admitting that health care reform is unlikely so let's beat up on immigrants.

The New York Times reports that the House on Thursday voted to crack down on undocumented immigrants and "sanctuary" cities, approving two bills that President Trump supports but admittedly "that are certain to meet resistance in the Senate."

The legislation from the Republican-controlled House would increase prison sentences for those unlawfully re-entering the country and pressure sanctuary cities to comply with federal immigration officials, including through cutting federal funds.

The bills would need Democratic support to clear the Senate’s 60-vote threshold, which seems unlikely.


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