Monday, June 19, 2017

Texans Support State's Immigration Enforcement

Check out this polling data from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune:


In short, a majority of Texans support SB4 which was signed into law by Governor Abbott this Spring. (You can read here, here, here for our prior coverage of the law.)

As the Tribune reports, those who support local police working with immigration and those who oppose such cooperation are sharply divided by political party and race:

Where 85 percent of Republicans support that requirement, only 27 percent of Democrats do. White and black voters support it, though by dramatically different margins — 67 percent supportive to 26 percent opposed among whites, and 47 percent to 37 percent among blacks. Among Hispanic voters, 39 percent support required cooperation, and 48 percent oppose it. More opponents and supports felt "strongly" about their positions than not.

In terms of local police checking immigration status:

Three-quarters of Democrats oppose that provision, while 86 percent of Republicans support it. Most Hispanic voters (59 percent) and black voters (57 percent) oppose the provision. Most white voters (64 percent) support it.


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