Wednesday, April 19, 2017

CNN on the Trump family's long history with immigration


CNN has an interesting story on how the Trump family businesses have relied on the U.S. immigration system.  That is not remarkable.  But what is remarkable is the Trump administration's hard line on immigration and immigration enforcement. 
The Trump family's business ventures have made use of virtually every part of the US immigration system over time -- including reported instances of undocumented labor on two Trump-branded building projects.  Businesses run and owned by Trump and his adult children have been certified to legally hire 1,371 foreign visa workers since 2001, a CNN analysis of visa records shows. In addition, Trump-branded real estate has raised at least $50 million in foreign investor money through a program that gives foreign investors access to green cards, according to the company that did the development of the real estate. 
The Trump enterprise has made use of low-skilled permits for vineyard seasonal workers and has used high-skilled visas to bring in models for its modeling agency.
According to CNN, "Trump has not spoken at length about how his own business dealings influence his approach to the US immigration system. The White House has not responded to a request for comment about how Trump's life experiences will influence his policy decisions."

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