Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Riding Up Front (RUF) Art Blog Launched to Raise Awareness of Immigrant Rights




Project Features Immigrant Stories from Lyft, Uber, Taxi Drivers and Passengers in America and Beyond

Riding Up Front (RUF), Inc. a California-based non-profit 501c(3) supporting immigrant rights has launched the RUF Art Blog Project, an ongoing collection of stories from Uber, Lyft and Taxi passengers and drivers illustrated in collaboration with artists from around the world.

RUF seeks to expand awareness of immigrant rights in light of recent political developments. The project's goal is to create an active community of drivers, passengers and artists to highlight and humanize the stories and lives of legal immigrants in America and elsewhere. Donations will support contributing artists as well as the ACLU, the International Rescue Committee, and the American Immigration Council.

"Riding Up Front was originally a personal blog of its founder that evolved into a community-driven creative project as a response to world events and the subsequent dehumanization of immigrants and refugees," said Dr. Anais Rameau, RUF Board Chair and a Laryngologist fellow at UC Davis who completed her residency at Stanford Medical School. "I myself was born in France and am of Iranian and French origin; I support whole-heartedly the promotion and awareness of immigrant rights in this country and elsewhere."

Currently, illustrations of nine artists from six countries are represented on the blog. Each artist chose the style they work best with, and initially were assigned stories based on their own preferences. Each story is about a connection made between the driver and passenger, regardless of race, religion, or gender.

 "We have been watching the current situation unfold in the United States with dismay, and I'm just trying to do my part as an immigrant myself," said Nina Rupena, an artist based in Australia who was one of the original contributors to the RUF project. Rupena left her native Sarajevo as a teenager and moved to Australia during the Balkan wars.

Riding Up Front is currently seeking more artwork and stories, and welcomes active participation in the community. To join our community and find out more, please visit: http://ridingupfront.org  and visit us on Facebook facebook.com/ridingupfront and twitter @ridingupfront

About Riding Up Front  Riding Up Front (RUF) is a non profit 501c(3) organization incorporated in California with the goal of supporting new artists and awareness of immigrant rights. The RUF Art Blog project was created in response to recent policy developments and hopes to create community through story-telling and art that humanize immigrants and refugees.



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