Tuesday, March 7, 2017

From the Bookshelves: The Sustainers: Citizens of the United States by William T. Mayton


The Sustainers

Citizens of the United States

William T. Mayton 

From 1776 to the present time, The Sustainers: Citizens of the United States presents the history, policy, and law of becoming a citizen, the history and distinction of “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof” of the 14th Amendments as it relates to Constitutional Law and the debate going on today about citizenship, congress, and immigration. This book is perfect for any course on Constitutional Law, the 14th Amendment, Immigration, or Constitutional Policy.   Chapters include:

  1. Seventeen Hundred Levelers with Firearms;
  2. Democracy Turns Up in North America;  
  3. Terms of the Debate;
  4. The Citizen in the Original Constitution;
  5. Birthright Citizenship and the Fourteenth Amendment;
  6. The Amendment Applied;
  7. Birthright Citizenship and the Civic Minimum;
  8. Immigration and the Constitutional Standard; and
  9. Congressional Power

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