Thursday, March 9, 2017

Did Ben Carson Liken Slavery to Immigration?


Snopes reports that on 6 March 2017, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was the target of disdain for a statement interpreted by critics as likening the abduction and forced transport of African slaves to America with immigrants arriving on the shores of the U.S.: The controversial comment was made during Carson’s first address to employees since being confirmed as the Trump administration’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

That’s what America is about. A land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they, too, had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.


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I guess I would need to talk to Dr. Carson a little more to learn why he said this. But taken at face value, I would say that if I were on a slave ship and worked for "less", I would be terrified and would only want to take a ship home pronto.

Posted by: Reed James | Mar 9, 2017 12:54:09 PM

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