Monday, March 20, 2017

60 Minutes Build on Trump Hysteria? Are U.S. jobs vulnerable to workers with H-1B visas?


Building on the claim by President Trump., Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and others, "60 Minutes" adds fuel to the fire that immigrants are displacing American workers.  As it describes the story, "60 Minutes investigates how some businesses have fired American workers and replaced them with cheaper labor: temporary, foreign workers with H-1B visas."  

Click here for a quick-and-dirty defense of H-1B visas. The American Immigration Council in 2016 offered this primer on the H-1B visa program.  The Trump administration has hinted that it may be reforming the H-1B visa program, with possible refoirms analyzed here in commentary in the National Law Journal.


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Really, a 2009 op-ed is all there is as a counterpoint, additional context, or clarification of the 60-Minutes story.

Posted by: Perplexed | Mar 21, 2017 4:24:40 PM

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