Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Retire Pryor: The Border and Immigration an Issue in Arkansas Senate Race


The race for Senate in Arkansas is getting down and dirty.  As reported in this article, Rep. Tom Cotton's race to unseat Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor has been called the GOP's best chance to defeat an incumbent Democratic seat in the November elections.  Cotton's latest TV ad hits on  immigration:

"Sen. Mark Pryor voted for amnesty, citizenship for illegals. Pryor voted against a border fence three times. And now Pryor ignores the crisis," an announcer says in the ad. He is followed by a clip of Pryor telling a TV anchor, "We have a much more secure border today than we did 10 years ago." 

For Senator Pryor's voting record on immigration, which includes a vote against comprehensive immigration reform, click here.

The Tom Cotton immigration advertisement is reminiscent of the 1994 Pete Wilson for Governor television spots in support of Proposition 187, an immigration enforcement measure passed by California voters but later struck down by the courts.  Since winning reeelection, Wilson has more or less disappeared from politics.



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