Monday, August 11, 2014

Photos of the Day Courtesy of the NYT: Refugees in Utica, NY

The NYT has an article today, "A New Life for Refugees, and the City they Adopted," on the ways in which refugees from Somali Bantu have made new lives in Utica, New York.  The article explains how just as Utica has provided a new home for these new immigrants, they too have helped the city by "injecting a sense of vitality to forlorn city streets." Their contributions are similar to the contributions of immigrants who have gone before them-Italians, Germans, Polish and Italians during the turn of the century and Bosnians in the 1990s.  

The article includes a link to compelling pictures about the lives of these immigrants in Utica. These pictures provide a window through we can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that refugees and their families experience as well as their immense contributions to their new cities.  The link to those pictures are here.


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