Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet Carolina, Who Brought Her Daughters 1,500 Miles to the U.S. So They Wouldn’t Be Raped


Speaking through a translator and using exaggerated hand gestures to emphasize her points, Carolina told ThinkProgress how she came to the U.S. from the La Unión municipality of El Salvador, a coastal region nestled next to the eastern border with Honduras. Her 14-year-old daughter, who we will not name for privacy reasons, stood beside her as she talked, and she mentioned another 5-year-old girl, who she said was “over there somewhere, playing,” that also accompanied them on the journey. It was not immediately clear whether or not the second girl was her own daughter, but Carolina referred to her as part of their family unit. We cannot verify the details of her story, only that the families who come to Sacred Heart Church are reportedly bused there after being processed by Border Patrol, and that stories like Carolina’s are all too typical among those at the welcome center.  Click the link above to read more.


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