Sunday, August 10, 2014

LA Archbishop Wants U.S. Opened To More Immigrants


NPR interviewed the Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez, about U.S. immigration policy.  The Archbishop was born in Mexico, and became an U.S. citizen a few years ago.

Archbishop Gomez, among other things, said the following:

"We can be a beautiful example for the whole world. What Los Angeles is now is the way the world is going to be, in my mind - with the movements of people."

On the issue of Central American children coming to the United States, Archbishop Gomez stated:

  "It seems that sometimes we see these young immigrants coming by themselves as a threat for our country. When, in reality, they're just looking for safety and for a place where they can grow up as normal, healthy, and good and strong members of society. I think our concern, in the Church, was that we will send them back right away, without really giving them the opportunity to (unintelligible) their situation."


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