Monday, July 14, 2014

Use 'safe zones' to end immigrant crisis By David Gergen


Photo courtesy of the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government website

In "Use 'safe zones' to end immigrant crisis" on, political strategist and commentator David Gergen offers some novel proposed responses to the influx of Central Americans.  Besides providing funding along the lines requested by President Obama and treating the migrants with compassion, Gergen suggests the following:

"--  First, we should respond generously to those children who have already arrived or will soon. For those who qualify for refugee status under U.S. law, we should ask families across our country to help provide new homes for them.

-- Second, we should push to establish "safe zones" -- operated by the United Nations, supported by the U.S. -- for returning children and their families in their native countries and work with those countries to reduce their violence and expand hope.

--Third, once the "safe zones" are developed, we should set a firm date when all children who arrive thereafter will be returned to their native countries regardless."


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