Thursday, July 24, 2014

Symposium: The Negotiated Expansion of Immigrant Control

Special Issue: Symposium: The Negotiated Expansion of Immigrant Control Summer 2014, Law and Social Inquiry

The Negotiated Expansions of Immigration Control (pages 555–559) Jamie G. Longazel and Maartje van der Woude

Crimmigration in the Netherlands (pages 560–579) Maartje A. H. van der Woude, Joanne P. van der Leun and Jo-Anne A. Nijland

Rhetorical Barriers to Mobilizing for Immigrant Rights: White Innocence and Latina/o Abstraction (pages 580–600) Jamie G. Longazel

Peripheral Matters: The Emergence of Legalized Politics in Local Struggles Over Unauthorized Immigration (pages 601–620) Doris Marie Provine, Martha Luz Rojas-Wiesner and Germán Martínez Velasco

Temporary Protection, Enduring Contradiction: The Contested and Contradictory Meanings of Temporary Immigration Status (pages 621–642) Miranda Cady Hallett Article

From Problems of Living to Problems of Law: The Legal Translation and Documentation of Immigrant Abuse and Helpfulness (pages 643–665) Sarah Morando Lakhani

The Limits of Discretion: Challenges and Dilemmas of Prosecutorial Discretion in Immigration Enforcement (pages 666–689) Marjorie S. Zatz and Nancy Rodriguez

Scenes of Execution: Spectatorship, Political Responsibility, and State Killing in American Film (pages 690–719) Austin Sarat, Madeline Chan, Maia Cole, Melissa Lang, Nicholas Schcolnik, Jasjaap Sidhu and Nica Siegel

Municipal Corporate Security, Legal Knowledges, and the Urban Problem Space (pages 720–739) Randy K. Lippert and Kevin Walby


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