Thursday, July 24, 2014

Immigrant Contributions to the Economy

Here are a series of reports documenting immigrant contributions to the economy.

Americas Society-Council of the Americas recently released a new fact sheet, the tenth in their series on immigrants and the economy, that highlights ways in which immigrants contribute to the essential economy—which encompasses food services and hospitality, construction, agriculture, elder care, and manufacturing industries. According to the report, “immigrants’ participation in these sectors creates new jobs for native-born workers, contributes to the growth of construction and agriculture, and provides essential care to the United States’ aging population.”


A new report from the Business Roundtable, Contributing to American growth: The economic case for immigration reform, explores several ways in which immigration boosts the U.S. economy. The paper also examines how immigration reform would further benefit the economy.

Additionally, the Bipartisan Policy Center recently released a report—Immigration and Wages: Decoding the Economics—looking at economists’ findings about immigration’s impact on wages and the economy. Their report notes that, although the impact of immigration on wages is small, immigration’s impact on the broader economy is much larger.

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