Friday, July 4, 2014

FREEDOM ISN'T FREE: Two Reports Reveal Need for Stronger Voting Rights Protections and Enforcement in California

NCVR Voting Rights Report

As we enjoy the Fourth of July holiday weekend and celebrate the nation’s independence, we are reminded of the adage “Freedom isn’t Free”. History has demonstrated that the cost to protect, promote and advance civil rights can be exorbitant. Emblematic of independence and civil rights is the right to vote. The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights for the San Francisco Bay Area, in coalition with many civil rights allies, is leading efforts to protect these rights in California. To that end, we have informed key efforts to strengthen existing voting rights laws, and we continue to advocate for stronger legal protections to ensure that California’s growing and diverse new majority has equal access to the vote.

This year alone, our work has contributed to two reports on voting rights. Voting Rights Barriers & Discrimination in Twenty-First Century California, which we produced in March 2014, and the recently released National Commission on Voting Rights (NCVR) report, Protecting Equal Access in a Diverse Democracy: Voting Rights in the Golden State.


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