Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Face ‘Lynching’ Accusation After Murrieta Immigration ‘Riot’

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Things seem to have gotten out of hand in Murrieta, California, a southern California city that has emerged at the center of the debate over how to treat the recent increase in Central American migrants, including many children.  According to news reports, four people remained jailed Saturday for allegedly trying to prevent Murrieta police from arresting a person at the immigration protests near the Murrieta Border Patrol Station. Five people were initially arrested for “lynching,” a rarely-invoked California Penal Code section defined as “the taking by means of a riot of any person in the lawful custody of any police officer.”  The arrests were made on Friday as the suspects and others waited for a trio of buses carrying detainees that never arrived in Murrieta.  Police said a protester jumped on the back of a police officer who was trying to arrest someone linked to a reported assault.

Intrestingly, the Murrieta city webpage states that Juan Murrietta brought 100,000 sheep to the valley where it is located in 1873.  His brother, Esequial, bought the land because it reminded him of his native county (Spain). 


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