Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In Defense of State Immigration Enforcement -- At Least If I like It


Here is a provocative article from Democracy:  A Journal of Ideas -- "Law and Borders:  Leaving immigration policy to the states may sound scary. But not every state is Arizona, and immigration federalism can work" by Cristina Rodríguez.

Although I am supportive of state and local measures that promote the integration of immigrants into civil society (e.g., more ESL classes, laws ensuring driver's licenses eligibility for undocumented immigrants, access to education, etc.), I do find state and local efforts at immigration enforcement to be a bit "scary."   Why?  Because of civil rights violations like those identified by the Yale Law clinic students who sued the City of East Haven for racial profiling of Latinos; a settlement in the suit was blogged about yesterday on ImmigrationProf.




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