Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrate June as Immigrant Heritage Month


The National Immigration Forum and the Bethlehem Project are pleased to participate in the first Immigrant Heritage Month this month. The initiative, organized by, includes individual, organizational and business partners across the country who will share inspirational immigrant stories and reflect on the critical role of immigrants and immigration in our nation’s history and future.

The Forum’s Bethlehem Project already has helped thousands of eligible immigrant employees at more than 70 businesses in six cities become citizens and integrate more into the workplace, community and economy.

“Immigrants are the foundation of our nation, and our future is brighter for having hardworking new immigrants contributing to our communities,” said Mark Falzone, Deputy Director of the National Immigration Forum. “The Bethlehem Project provides a win-win situation for both businesses and employees. Companies build loyalty when they open the door to citizenship, and employees have a better chance to pursue the same American dream as so many before them.”

“In the United States, with a good idea and enough hard work, anything is possible,” said Tolu Olubunmi, Executive Director of “American success is a result of our many distinct experiences, not in spite of it. Our goal is to encourage as many Americans as possible to tell the story of how they first felt welcomed to the American experience. Our history and stories will help determine our future.”

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