Friday, June 13, 2014

Billboard Promoting Health Care for ALL -- including Undocumented Immigrants -- Banned from from Sacramento Airport


The banned billboard courtesy of

Here is some news from California, not Arizona, that will surprise you.  A billboard promoting health care for all -- including the undocumented -- has been banned from the Sacramento International Airport because airport authorities have deemed it to be "too controversial."  The banned ad featured undocumented immigrants promoting health care for all.

Airport officials in a statement sent to KCRA 3 that "In-terminal advertising at Sacramento International Airport is managed by Clear Channel Airports under a contract with the Sacramento County Department of Airports. The California Endowment ad was declined because it did not meet the advertising display policy set forth in the agreement we established with Clear Channel, which requires that under no circumstances shall advertising be displayed that would 'involve the country or the airport in controversial, social, moral, political or ethical issues.'"

Officials from the California Endowment, a nonprofit health foundation, expressed surprised that the billboard was rejected, despite a $40,000, three-year contract for ad space at the airport. Similar ads have run in convenience stores and small markets and laundromats and can be found all over the state.


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