Thursday, May 8, 2014

Release Miguel Armenta from ICE Detention

From Latino Advocacy:

Please help release Miguel Armenta from the Northwest Detention Center so that he can be cared for by his family.

Miguel is living with cancer, hepatitis C and HIV and the immigration prison isn't giving him proper care. He needs to be at home with his U.S. citizen husband of six years.

He is eligible for humanitarian release. Make two 1-minute phone calls to ICE.

Sylvie Lobato at Tacoma ICE, 206-835-0058, and deputy director of ICE Daniel Ragsdale, 202-732-3100.

Let's get Miguel released. Here's a sample script:

Hello. I'm calling on behalf of Miguel Angel Armenta Olabarria (A# 076-343-950). He is living with cancer, hepatitis C and HIV and needs much more care than he is receiving at the Northwest Detention Center. This is an urgent matter, every day that he remains in the detention center his life is at increased risk. I urge you to grant him immediate humanitarian release.

For more information, click here.
In solidarity,


Maru Mora Villalpando
Latino Advocacy


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