Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law -- President: Act Now to Halt the Deportation Machinery

The Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law yesterday sent a letter to President Obama in response to his request to the Department of Homeland Security on how to slow deportations. We do not believe asking for "Deferred Action Status" is enough. The letter explains how aside from granting Deferred Action Status (temporary status) to the largest possible group of immigrants, the President could also, with no change in federal laws, grant lawful permanent resident status possibly to as many as two million immigrants -- without requiring any action by Congress.

The letter spells out immediate steps the Obama Administration could take "to dramatically reduce the adverse consequences of a large undocumented population on U.S. workers and businesses, the human rights abuses suffered by these migrants, and the harsh and irrational consequences caused by the Administration’s policies of massive deportations, entanglement with local police through the so - call ed “Secure Communities” program , and unparalleled criminalization of persons who enter without inspection (so - called “Operation Streamline”)."




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