Thursday, March 27, 2014

New York City Bar Association Immigration Committee Weighs in On Immigration Reform

Yesterday, the New York City Bar Association Immigration Committee issued a position letter to U.S. House leaders opposing certain S. 744 immigration reform provisions. These provisions, for the first time, imposed a new penalty on those legalizing—to deny Social Security credit for previously unauthorized work. The letter is available here.

The provisions included in S. 744 Section 2107(d) (as part of the "Corker-Hoeven Amendment") violate basic notions of fairness in denying benefits to those who worked and paid into the Social Security system, as well as their dependent and survivor families in sad cases of disability and death. Moreover, Section 2107 will likely dissuade immigrants from legalizing, further drive immigrants into poverty which shifts social costs onto states and cities, and negate positive economic benefits of comprehensive immigration reform.


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