Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jorge Ramos on Immigration

Watch Jorge Ramos on Immigration Reform: Fences Are Not the Solution:  "Everything starts at the border but ends up in Washington." On the debut of “AMERICA” in its new weekly newsmagazine format, Jorge Ramos traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border to find out why many people think more fences are the solution for the problem of illegal immigration. What he did find is that as long as people in Mexico and Central America are unemployed, or making $5 dollars a day when they can make the same amount in the United States in an hour, immigrants are going to find a way to come in. Ramos says, "Fences are not the solution. Not right now."

Meanwhile in Washington, President Obama is reaching record deportation numbers. He says he can't use his executive order to stop them, but many Latinos believe he can. On the other hand, Republicans and Speaker John Boehner are stalling on comprehensive reform, something Ramos believes will hurt them in 2016.

Watch Jorge Ramos Reports: Border Crossings Are Down But Deaths Remain the Same – Border crossings are at an all-time low but the number of recorded deaths remain the same. Since President Barack Obama took office, he's overseen at least 1.8 million deportations, a figure that has likely reached 2 million today. Fusion's Jorge Ramos went to the border of Nogales, Arizona, to find out why so many people are still dying in the desert.


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