Friday, March 14, 2014

Death and danger on the Mexican-American border: Migrants attempting entry to the U.S. through Arizona face likelihood of a slow, painful death



Stricter enforcememt and more agents along the southern U.S. border mean determined migrants may choose to attempt entry through terrain that leads many to their deaths, says Schuster Institute Senior Fellow Erin Siegal McIntyre.

Death in the desert: The dangerous trek between Mexico and Arizona Erin Siegal McIntyre,3/11, Al Jazeera America

Drug cartels are increasingly recruiting teenagers to smuggle drugs across the border. Schuster Institute Senior Fellow Erin Siegal McIntyre explores the reasons why, and what’s being done to discourage the upward trend. Teenage drug mules: Cartels are tapping minors to smuggle meth, coke Erin Siegal McIntyre, 2/19, Al Jazeera America


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