Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sergio Garcia and the Long "Line" for Immigrant Visas for Mexican Nationals

We reported on Thursday about the precedent-setting case of Sergio Garcia, who the California Supreme Court has ruled can be licensed as an attorney.  One fact highlighted by the Garcia case is the long lines for certain immigrant visas, espcially for prospective immigrants from high demand countries such as Mexico.  

Garcia has been waiting since 1994 to obtain an immigration visa (for which he is eligible through his immigrant parents). He is still waiting.  He is only "undocumented" because of the twenty year line for a visa!  As AP reports, "Depending on their connections and home country, the wait for some would-be immigrants is far shorter, but delays of a decade or two are routine for many others — notably from the Philippines and Garcia’s homeland, Mexico. ... “Most of the nation’s 11 million undocumented immigrants would love to get in line if they could,” Texas-based immigration lawyer Dan Kowalski wrote in a Washington Post op-ed last year. “They remain without papers because they don’t fit into any visa preference... Without a relative to petition for them under a family-based preference or a job that fits into an employment-based category, there’s no line to enter.”" 


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