Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Senator Jeff Sessions Argues Against Immigration Reform to Help Middle America, Workers


Media Matters critically analyzes the claims of Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) on Fox News that increased legal immigration, which he expects President Obama to advocate in calling for immigration reform in tonight's State of the Union address, will hurt working Americans.   Senateor Sessions has been an aggressive opponent of immigration reform.  "Sessions made similar claims in a USA Today op-ed published [yesterday], using misleading data from anti-immigrant groups to argue that the Republican push for reform is tantamount to "self-sabotage."

Senator Sessions claim is one that historically been common to the immigration debate and claims for reducing immigration levels.  In recent years, organized labor, including the AFL-CIO, has rethought its position on immigration and advocated improvements to improve wage and labor code enforcement rather than measures ostensibly designed to restrict the number of immigrants coming to teh United States.


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