Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Migration Information Source's Top 10 Migration Issues of 2013

Each year, the Migration Information Source examines some of the world's top migration developments and trends. The 2013 articles chronicle some of the year's most interesting and consequential developments—from Europe wrestling with migration management challenges thrown into relief after a deadly shipwreck off the coast of Lampedusa to the ever-widening Syrian humanitarian crisis and the United States seemingly on the cusp of enacting landmark reform only for the legislative year to end without action.

So without further ado, here is the Top 10 of 2013:

• No. 1: The Changing Face of International Migration: Flows Are Increasingly Fluid, Diverse, and Unconventional

• No. 2: Recognizing Their Evolving Migration Roles, Emerging Economies Overhaul Their Immigration Systems

• No. 3: The Golden Visa: "Selling Citizenship" to Investors

• No. 4: The Escalating Syrian Refugee Crisis Challenges the International Community's Ability to Respond

• No. 5: Is Europe Faltering in Addressing its Multiple Migration Challenges?

• No. 6: Faced with a Growing Global Talent Pool, Governments Review their Strategies

• No. 7: As Bill to Overhaul US Immigration System Stalls in Congress, Immigration Reform Movement Broadens, Ups the Ante

• No. 8: Questions of Immigration Control Preoccupy Policymakers Worldwide as Mixed Flows of Arrivals Continue, and in Some Cases, Surge

• No. 9: Greece Confronts Golden Dawn As the Far Right Takes Aim at the European Union

• No. 10: Qatar's Treatment of Migrant Workers Is under the Spotlight ahead of 2022 FIFA World Cup


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