Friday, December 6, 2013

King County (Seattle) Limits ICE Detainer Requests

From OneAmerica:

After more than two years of work, earlier this week the King County Council (Seattle) passed ordinance 2013-085.  Under this ordinance, King County will only honor ICE hold (detainer) requests for individuals that have been CONVICTED (not simply charged) with serious, violent, sex and gun crimes, or 2 or more serious traffic (primarily DUI) offenses. Individuals with qualifying convictions will only have an ICE hold request honored if they have been convicted of a qualifying conviction, or been released pursuant to such conviction, within the previous 10 years. No ICE hold requests will be honored for individuals under 18 years of age.
Spearheaded by WDA’s Immigration Project, NWRIP, OneAmerica and the Northwest Defender Association, this was a terrific collaborative effort with all the groups highlighted in the press release below. This is a tremendous victory and we look forward to moving forward this effort in other Washington counties.
You can view the ordinance in its entirety at the WDA website.


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