Friday, December 13, 2013

ICE/El Hielo by La Santa Cecilia


The song is ICE/El Hielo by La Santa Cecilia has been nominated for "Video of the Year" in Univision's 2014 Premio Lo Nuestro awards show.  It tells the story about what millions of undocumented people who work on a daily basis go through to provide for their families only to get caught up in unjust deportations.  Erika Andiola is the central character in the video, a young waitress who gets caught in the middle of a workplace immigration raid. Erika lived through a similar experience earlier this year. Without notice, immigration agents detained her mother Maria Arreola and brother while at home and put them into deportation proceedings. Erika led efforts to build pressure on ICE through online petitions, calls and mobilizations to stop their deportations. Her brother was released shortly after and her mom was saved from being deported as the bus she was being transported in was literally turned around miles before the Mexican border in Arizona.

Vote for the video and tell your friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Just register on the voting site as a "guest" then click "General" on left column and scroll down to find "Video of the Year" and select "ICE El Hielo" by La Santa Cecilia. Here's the link to vote.


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