Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How will Chile's President-elect Bachelet tackle immigration reform?





The Christian Science Monitor reports that the new President-Elect of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, will  soon be addressing immigration reform, currently a hot topic in this South American country.

Chile's flexible immigration rules have attracted migrants from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Argentina sho seek higher salaries, lower crime, and greater economic stability. "But, echoing age-old anti-immigration rhetoric from around the globe, opponents say the new arrivals are taking away key jobs, putting downward pressure on wages, and causing increased crime."

President-elect Bachelet has said she plans legislation that shifts the focus from “security and controlling immigrant labor” to “inclusion, regional integration, and rights.”  Her opponent, Eelyn Matthei, who garnered 38 percent of the vote, took a harder line. She said immigrants should be required to have work visas before they enter the country in order to “see what their criminal histories are.” Immigrants who commit crimes in Chile “should be left on the border and never allowed to return," she said.


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