Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Citizen Children of Deported Parents Skit: Speaker Boehner as the Grinch

From We Belong Together:

Monday December 9, 2013

FROM:                      We Belong Together, Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform and
Alliance for Citizenship
CONTACT:               Nick Sifuentes,, 310-866-1692
     Shannon Maurer,, 202-604-2464
Children of Undocumented Parents to Hold Press Conference, Deliver Thousands of Letters Denouncing Congress’s Failures on Immigration Reform
House Republicans blocking reform denies the holiday wishes of millions of children; new report shows negative impacts on children hurt by broken immigration system
**U.S. citizen and undocumented children, immigration rights’ advocates, “Cost of Inaction: Why Children Can’t Wait for Immigration Reform” report authors, and mock “Speaker Boehner” as the “Grinch” available for interview**
Washington DC – On Monday, December 9th, a delegation of youth from Florida, North Carolina, California and Texas will arrive in Washington, DC to deliver the holiday wishes of thousands of children across America who all want one thing for the holidays: fix the failed immigration system to keep all families together.  
Since October, young people have been writing letters that convey their hopes and fears for a better life through immigration reform. As many as 5.5 million children live in daily fear that a parent could be deported any day, not including the millions of additional families that are separated by family visa backlogs.
This Monday, all of these letters will be delivered to more than 60 House Republicans who have expressed support for immigration reform, yet have failed to take action to move reform in 2013.
The December 9th action marks the culmination of the “Wish for the Holidays” campaign led by We Belong Together: Women for Common Sense Immigration Reform. Speakers will preview the week of events in Washington, DC and across the country and lay out the consequences for House Republicans who are blocking reform. 
DATE:     Monday, December 9th 2013
TIME:      11:00AM
PLACE:   Rayburn 2456
                  45 Independence Ave SW
Washington, DC 20515
WHO:     Impacted youth, immigration experts, researchers and women’s leaders including:
·       Berenice R., 17-year-old DREAMer from mixed-status family, Florence, TX

·       Essar D., 12-year-old undocumented youth whose whole family crossed the border, Homestead FL

·       Javier and Angel O., 16-year-old U.S. Citizen twins separated for 3 years from their mother; father became U.S. citizen last month, Oakland CA

·       Charlie and Anthony H., 11 and 13-year-old brothers whose father was deported to Mexico this year and whose mother is also undocumented, Homestead FL

·       Pramila Jayapal, Co-Chair, We Belong Together

·       Janet Murguía, National Council of La Raza

·       Representative from National Educators' Alliance

·       Wendy Cervantes, Director, First Focus Center for the Children of Immigrants, author of “Cost of Inaction: Why Children Can’t Wait for Immigration Reform” Report
VISUALS:  Youth theater skit in which “Speaker Boehner” makes an appearance as the Grinch who denies their holiday wishes, boxes of letters stacked representing the thousands of children’s letters to be delivered to 60 House Republican Congress members, outsized paper mache stamp that will stamp posters of children’s holiday wishes as “DENIED”, blown up photos of children’s families and Congress members’ families.


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