Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Church and Immigration Conference

Church and immigrant conference

The Institute for Latino Studies presents a conference on The Church and Immigration at the University of Notre Dame on March 2-5, 2014.

People have been migrating since the dawn of human history, but the scope and scale of migration today is unprecedented. Nowhere is this reality more present than in the United States. Although scholars have examined this reality from a number of perspectives, there is a critical need for more sustained reflection on the Church's contribution to immigration reform. Pope Francis has highlighted the importance of this issue and encouraged individuals and institutions from around the world to respond to this defining moral issue of our times. This conference will bring together scholars, pastoral workers, public policy leaders, and advocates committed to responding to this issue in the United States today.

In the process we hope to not only reflect more critically on immigration today but also to assist our understanding of what the Church has done, what it is doing, and what it might do better in its outreach to migrants and refugees.


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