Monday, November 25, 2013

At the Movies: Hunger Games: Catching Fire


The new release Hunger Games:  Catching Fire is an action-packed escape vehicle.  A government to be paranoid of, athletic (kind of anyway) competition, a rebellion, what else could you want in a movie?

The Hunger Games has been involed in discussions of immigration.  Last summer, a crackdown on immigration, in which 140 people were arrested in the United Kingdom, was likened to "The Hunger Games" after the Home Office was accused of targeting people based on their ethnicity before arresting them.


A few years ago, Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum caused controversy when he suggested that a real-life Hunger Games could solve U.S. immigration problems. The Hunger Games tells of a young womanl who is forced by an oppressive government to take part in a televised battle to the death with other “tributes.”  In an interview with conservative host Sean Hannity, Santorum spoke at length about the popular series as well as a proposed immigration act which would give 24 contestants the opportunity to earn U.S. citizenship.



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