Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Report Shows Immigration Revitalizes Communities by Preserving U.S. Manufacturing Jobs and Increasing Housing Wealth

Immigration revival of cities
Americas Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA) and Partnership for a New American Economy today released a new report with U.S. Census and American Community Survey data showing how immigration helps revitalize communities across the United States through the creation or preservation of manufacturing jobs, the increase in housing wealth, and heightened civic engagement.

The data show that immigrants play an outsize role in the preservation or creation of U.S. jobs—an important measure of community vitality—and make a particularly important impact in the manufacturing sector. For every 1,000 immigrants living in a county, 46 manufacturing jobs are created or preserved that would otherwise not exist or have moved elsewhere.

Immigrants are injecting new life into cities and rural areas, making once declining areas more attractive to the U.S.-born population. For every 1,000 immigrants that arrive to a county, 270 U.S.-born residents move there in response. At the same time, the average immigrant who moves to a community raises the total value of housing wealth in his or her county by $92,800.

Naturalization matters to communities as well. Naturalized immigrants are more valuable contributors in the labor market, and outearn migrants who are not citizens by as much as 16 percent.

"This report is the latest piece of economic evidence showing that immigration helps drive job growth in our country," said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. "The evidence is now overwhelming—and yet too many in Washington are still dragging their feet on common-sense immigration reforms that would create jobs and help put more Americans back to work."

"We see the contributions of immigrants to our communities everyday. Yet again, this report shows how immigrants help keep our economy vibrant and strong," says AS/COA President and CEO Susan Segal.

The data for this report was compiled by Professor Jacob Vigdor of Duke University. Download the report here.

More Findings:

-The more than 40 million immigrants currently in the U.S. have created or preserved 1.8 million manufacturing jobs nationally.

-Attracting 100,000 new immigrants per year would preserve 4,600 American manufacturing jobs and grow U.S. housing wealth by $80 billion annually.

-Immigration has accounted for a commanding majority of job growth in four of the five U.S. counties that have experienced the greatest increase in manufacturing jobs since 1970, such as Harris County in Texas—home to Houston—where the increase of 43,299 manufacturing jobs since 1970 is attributable entirely to immigration.

-Estimates indicate that 40 percent of Los Angeles County's manufacturing jobs would vanish without immigrants.

-The more than 40 million immigrants are responsible for an estimated $3.7 trillion boost to home equity.

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